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Drug charges are serious in South Carolina and impacts your criminal record. Don’t put your future at risk! Meet John Crangle Drug Charge Attorney Greenville.

Crangle Law Firm fights charges: from simple possession to trafficking in Upstate South Carolina.

Experience Matters when Fighting Drug Charges

Drug Defense Attorney South Carolina

John fought & earned a 7 – 5 not-guilty verdict after a three day meth trafficking trial: the co-defendant was sentenced to 25 years.

He also earned a not-guilty verdict on a Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine case in Greenville county after a 2-day jury trial.

As an assistant public defender, John represented 400+ clients with drug charges. During his time as an assistant public defender, John developed relationships with the prosecutors. With that experience, Crangle Law Firm knows what the State’s goal is.

South Carolina’s diversion programs are complex. The programs are not available in every circumstance. Crangle Law Firm knows which programs are available in each case, which keeps drug charges off your record.

For example, John represented a young student charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana near a school. The charges were dismissed and the student avoided a conviction. John negotiated with the prosecutor to dismiss the charges, upon completion of a diversion program.

John Crangle, Drug Charge Attorney Greenville, fights drug charges. We’ve negotiated dismissals for drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, and trafficking charges.

What Drug Charges does Crangle Law Firm Handle?

We represent clients through out the Upstate of South Carolina. We handle:

What is my Defense to Drug Charges?

Drug cases are complex and have many issues. John Crangle checks:

  • Were your Fourth Amendment Rights violated?
    • Did the police have reasonable suspicion for your traffic stop?
    • Was there a warrant to enter you home?
    • Were you unlawfully frisked?
    • Were you unlawfully searched?
  • Did you possess the drugs?
    • Mere presence near drugs is not enough. The state must prove you had dominion and control over the drugs.
    • Is Another Person Responsible for the drugs?
    • Was the substance even an unlawful drug?