Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer John Crangle Defends Your Rights

Meet Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer John Crangle. We Fight & Defend Your Rights. We are boutique client-focused firm. John personally handles each case: not some associate. Crangle Law Firm represents clients in Upstate SC including: Anderson, Greenville, Pickens, Oconee, & Upstate SC.

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What We Do

Crangle Law Firm has helped over 1000+ clients. We handle: DUI Defense, Drug Charges, Domestic Violence Defense, Serious Felonies, Failure to Stop for a Blue Light, Assault and Battery, Shoplifting, Gun Charges, White Color Crimes, Bond Hearings, Violations of Probation

Why Do I Need Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Two reasons: experience & time.

EXPERIENCE John worked as an assistant public defender for 4 years in Greenville County. He appeared before all of the Circuit Judges for Greenville, Pickens, & Anderson County during that time. John developed a professional relationship with many of the prosecutors in the Greenville, Pickens, and Anderson Solicitor’s Office. Greenville Criminal Defense Attorney John Crangle has personally handled 300+ clients charged with DUI.

TIME Building a good criminal defense is like building a house. You can do it quick, but it won’t last. Criminal Defense takes time: time interviewing witnesses; researching the law; developing defenses; reviewing the evidence.

While Crangle Law Firm can’t win every case, we strive for the best result in each case.

Our Goals

Crangle Law Firm focuses on results. Not every case may be dismissed or won at jury-trial. However, sentences can be reduced, pre-trial intervention programs may be available, or felony charges dropped.

With over 1000+ clients represented, Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer John Crangle knows what is reasonable in each case. He knows what a good plea offer is, and more importantly what a bad plea offer is. John advises clients throughout the process.

A bad criminal defense attorney in Greenville will tell a client what they want to hear; Crangle Law Firm tells clients what the NEED to hear. We’re honest with our clients from the start to the finish.

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