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DUI Attorney South Carolina

DUI Defense

A DUI arrest is a life-changing moment. You are taken to jail, your car is impounded, and your driver’s license may be suspended.

John Crangle has handled over 400+ DUI cases and understands the criminal and civil consequences. We understand the DMV restrictions and what you need to do to get back on the road safely and quickly.

Don’t leave your case to chance, CONTACT US for your free consultation.

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Drug Defense Attorney South Carolina

Criminal Defense

Arrested for a crime? You need experience help who isn’t afraid to challenge the system. John Crangle has represented 1000+ clients facing criminal charges.

John Crangle has handled cases both big and small; from murder to traffic tickets.

Get experience on your side and contact Crangle Law Firm LLC.

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Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury

Car Wreck in Greenville South Carolina?

Traffic Ticket Lawyer South Carolina

Traffic Ticket

Crangle Law Firm LLC resolves South Carolina Traffic Tickets.

We keep your insurance rates low, save you time, and save you money.

We can help with speeding, failure to yield, reckless driving, and many other traffic tickets.

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Why Choose Crangle Law Firm

John returns calls and e-mails. John leaves no stone unturned. John is not afraid of trial.

John has defended clients with murder, rape, and drug trafficking charges. He’s also handled speeding tickets and ordinance violations. Nothing is too big or too small for John to handle.

John has resolved personal injury and auto wreck claims, including a recovery of $100,000+ in under four months.


John has Represented 1000+ clients

You need an experienced attorney. John has tried more than a dozen cases to jury-verdict as lead defense attorney. He has tried many more bench-trials to successful defense verdict. Contact Crangle Law Firm LLC to meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Upstate South Carolina. 

John Crangle, Attorney at Law

Jury Trial Experience

  1. Murder
    • Potential Sentence: life in prison
  2. Attempted Murder
    • Potential sentence: 30 years
  3. Trafficking in Heroin
    • Potential sentence: 40 years
  4. Trafficking in Meth
    • Potential sentence: 25 years
  5. Solicitation of a Felony Murder
    • Potential sentence: 10 years
  6. Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine
    • Potential sentence: 15 years
  7. Pointing and Presenting a Firearm
    • Potential sentence: 5 years
  8. Shoplifting Enhanced
    1. Potential sentence: 10 years
  9. Assault and Battery 1st Degree
    • Potential sentence: 10 years
  10. Assault and Battery 2nd Degree
    • Potential sentence: 3 years
  11. DUI 2nd Offense
    • Potential sentence: 1 year
  12. DUI 1st offense (Multiple Jury Trials)
    1. Potential sentence: 30 days

Legal Experience

Local Law Firm, 2016-2019

    • Associate Attorney

Greenville Public Defender’s Office, 2012-2016

    • Assistant Public Defender

United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Spring 2012

    • Intern Law Clerk

General Electric Power, Fall 2011

    • Legal Intern

Mecklenburg District Attorney’s Office, Summer 2011

    • Intern District-Attorney Under 2nd-Year Practice Act

The Federal Defender Program, Spring 2011

    • Intern

United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina, Summer 2010

    • Summer Law Clerk



Communicating with your Attorney should be easy.

We are available by PHONE, TEXT, or EMAIL. If John is in Court, he’ll email or call you back.

The #1 complaint among clients is their attorney’s lack of communication with their clients.

Your case is serious and personal, and Crangle Law Firm LLC knows that. You need someone who will answer your questions quickly and honestly.

John Crangle is honest with his clients in assessing their case. John is fond of saying, “I’m like a doctor. I tell the client what the case is; not what they need to hear.” John will always be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. John knows the trust that clients give him is strong and that they need honest and fair assessment of cases.


Results Driven

John Earns Not-Guilty Jury Verdicts

The results in your case matter. Crangle Law Firm works hard to obtain the best possible outcome for each client. John Crangle has tried multiple jury trials to NOT-GUILTY verdicts in DUI trials and other criminal cases. We’ve also had dismissal of attempted-murder, drug-trafficking, domestic violence, and 1000+ of other criminal charges.

We can’t win every case: no attorney can. But we work hard to obtain the best and most fair resolution for each client. John Crangle focuses on the client and making sure they understand all of their options at each stage of the case.

John Crangle, Attorney at Law



“I called and hired John Crangle the morning after my DUI arrest.

He got my license back within 1-week and kept me up-to-date on my case.

On my court date, he tried my case to a not-guilty jury verdict in 10-minutes!

I can’t recommend John Crangle enough.”