Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

Greenville Personal Injury Attorney John Crangle fights the Insurance Companies to get the Recovery You Deserve!

Greenville Personal Injury Attorney John Crangle fights to get back on your feet. Crangle Law Firm is a boutique personal injury firm that focuses on you the client. You deal with John Crangle personally; not some associate.

Crangle Law Firm Recovered $100,000 in Under Four Months

A teen driver hit David while David was riding his motorcycle accident. Even with a helmet on, David suffered serious injuries. David was in the hospital for several days and couldn’t work. Leaving the hospital, David’s vision was blurry and he couldn’t drive. David didn’t have time to wait.

David called Crangle Law Firm and John Crangle was on the case. John recovered from the at-fault driver, and recovered more money using David’s underinsured insurance policy.

David was released from the hospital in late October and received his check in January. John Crangle fights for his clients and works to get them back on their feet.

Why do I need a Greenville Personal Injury Attorney?

Insurance companies are a business. They want to make money. Part of how they make money is by short-changing clients on claims. John Crangle knows what your case is worth, and if you are being taken advantage of.

Medical bills pile up, and your vehicle is damaged. Crangle Law Firm LLC works to recover for you quickly.

Crangle Law Firm LLC works with the hospital, other injuries parties, and the officers to make sure you get your fair share of recovery.