Court Release for South Carolina Drivers License Reinstatement

Are you forever barred from driving in South Carolina? Crangle Law Firm LLC helps obtain drivers license reinstatement and court releases for South Carolina.

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Driver's License Reinstatement South Carolina
Need a South Carolina Driver’s License Reinstatement?

What is a Court Release for Driver’s License in South Carolina

Prior to 2014, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles permanently revoked or “forever bared” a driver if they accumulated a certain number of driving offenses. The DMV barred the driver from obtaining a driver’s license.

After Emma’s Law in 2014, as a result the law changed to allow “forever barred” driver’s to obtain a driver’s license. To do this they must obtain a court release.

The DMV calls this process a court release but the formal court title is Reinstatement of Driver’s License.

Why do I need a Court Release?

Without a court release, you are required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) for the rest of your life. Once you install the IID, you can’t go back and get a court release. An IID costs between $75 – $150 per month. Over a period of 10 or 20 years that can be $10,000+.

It’s important to get a “court release” or driver’s license reinstatement prior to installing the IID.

How Does Crangle Law Firm LLC Obtain a Court Release for my Driver’s License?

SC Code 56-1-385 requires that there be no moving violations in the past 7 years. The driver must show the court they substantially need a drivers license.

I’ve got my Court Release? What’s next?

If the Judge grants your Driver’s License reinstatement you must enroll in the ignition interlock program (IID) for 5 years. Probation and Parole monitors the ignition interlock program.

After 5 years, you petition PPP to take the IID off your vehicle.

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